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Music Fans Reducing Waste

Four simple tips for reducing your waste at a festival.

Avoid waste

Next time you’re shopping before a festival, aim to buy only what you need, and choose items with minimal packaging. Taking your own shopping bags is a great start.

If taking water, use a big container rather than a heap of disposable bottles.

Choose to re-use

You can probably get a $30 tent from the bargain shop, but will it last? Unlikely. Spending a little more on a better quality tent will mean it lasts longer.

And why not take a re-usable water bottle instead of a heap of disposable water bottles.


With a little creativity, things can be used for another purpose. When your favourite band T-shirt wears out, use it as a cleaning cloth.

To get people thinking about ways to re-use things, we even built a CD powered Solar Oven which cooks at up to 200 degrees celsius!


Last but not least is recycling. Putting things in the right bin only takes a few extra seconds.

Its also a good idea to take spare bags in case the festival doesn’t offer recycling bins, then take your items home for recycling.

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