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Green Music Australia is pleased to announce a 7 week program for Australian music organisations to help them understand, monitor and improve their environmental impact.

Launched in Victoria in 2022 and New South Wales in 2023, the Green Action Program (GAP) has supported 13 music businesses to date to improve their sustainability management and performance.

The 2023 New South Wales program has been made possible with the support of the NSW Environment Protection Authority, City of Sydney and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

The Green Action Program (GAP) supports music businesses to participate in the 7-week sustainability program and undertake a range of hands-on learning modules including: 

  • First Nations First - why platforming First Nations voices matters to sustainability 
  • Policy and procedure development - how to embed climate action into organisational structures 
  • Single use plastics - the bans and the solutions
  • Measuring impact - capturing and using data to set goals and identify and meet sustainability objectives
  • Energy 101 - A walk-through onsite energy audit at a live music venue
  • Creating tailored environmental and social impact reports 
  • National and international case studies of best practise

Watch highlights from the 2023 NSW program:


Participant Outcomes:

  • An organisation Sustainability Action Plan created with input from your broader team
  • Policies & procedures that feed into your Sustainability Action Plan
  • An understanding of what your data means
  • Reports to show your progress
  • Continuation of data and reporting, 3 years post-program


Watch ABC Music's GAP journey:


Watch Electronic Music Conference's GAP journey:


See highlights from the 2022 VIC program:


Participating organisations will have their data analysed and benchmarked in our new environmental reporting platform (Amidesi) for three years post program, and receive annual reports highlighting organisational progress. 

Support from the Australia Council for the Arts, the NSW Environment Protection Authority and City of Sydney enabled us to offer businesses heavily discounted fees – scaled according to the size of organisation.

One of the biggest outcomes of doing the Green Action Program was the shift in mindset. Prior to doing the program, considering our responsibility to the environment was something we did from time to time, but now it’s embedded in everything we do. Not only in business but personally as well. It has also provided us with a clear strategic framework for continuing this work into the future. I strongly recommend organisations do this program. It’s perfect if you’re wanting to do more than you are, or even for someone who has no idea where to start.” 
- Dale Packard, Music Victoria General Manager

New South Wales 2023 Participants

ABC Music

Electronic Music Conference



Oxford Art Factory

Universal Music Australia

arn - Australian Radio Network


Victorian 2022 Participants

Music Victoria

Unified Music Group


Corner Hotel

Velodrome Events

Brunswick Ballroom


For more information or to express interest in future GAP programs, email [email protected]