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Copyright collectors vs coal

APRA AMCOS are divesting from fossil fuels!

Green Music Australia’s Amplify Divestment campaign takes a huge leap today, with Australia’s oldest and biggest copyright collecting agency, APRA AMCOS, announcing that it is divesting from fossil fuels!

On behalf of every Australian songwriter and composer, they are making the clear statement that putting our money into driving global warming is wrong and they want no part of it.

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APRA divests
APRA divests

APRA leads a fantastic and ever-growing group of musicians committing to divesting, with Steve Balbi, Bunna Lawrie and Nattali Rize recently signing up.

APRA’s inspiring decision comes after a few of our Amplify Divestment members lobbied the board of directors to great effect. APRA asked our advice and are moving swiftly to remove as much as possible of their members’ funds from fossil fuels. They’ve already moved a substantial portion of the funds they hold in trust for us into fossil free institutions – the most they legally can right now – and written to the banks which hold the remainder, asking them to stop funding climate change.

We’re always keen to have more people, so get involved here!

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