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Adalita leads new group of Divestment Amplifiers

Rock, film, reggae, Haydn, no to fossil fuels!

An amazingly diverse group of leading Australian musicians are today joining our Amplify Divestment campaign, saying no to fossil fuels.

We’re welcoming one of Australia’s undisputed queens of rock, Adalita, acclaimed classical violist and artistic director, James Eccles, multi award winning screen composer, Cailtin Yeo, and young Adelaide reggae band, Babylon Burning.

Adalita is a passionate supporter of the campaign who is several steps ahead, having long avoided banking with the big four. She tells us:

I can’t believe that banks still put money into coal mining when climate change is already causing so much harm. I don’t and won’t bank with them.

We’re always keen to have more people, so get involved here!

Adalita joins Amplify Divestment
Adalita joins Amplify Divestment

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