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Reducing, Calculating and Offsetting our Climate Impact

Offsetting is a way of compensating for your carbon dioxide emissions - it doesn’t stop or reduce them, but it effectively reduces the impact somewhere else on your behalf. First, we suggest using the Green Your Noise carbon calculator to calculate your impact. Then you can select an offsetting provider from our recommendations:

  • The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation are focused on projects that are not only environmental but also social and cultural, connecting groups with Aboriginal communities supplying carbon credits.
  • FEAT., or Future Energy Artists, created by our friend Heidi Lenffer from Cloud Control, is an artist-led movement to help you invest in solar to offset your touring emissions, while getting competitive investment returns.
  • Greenfleet is a nonprofit planting native biodiverse forests across Australia to facilitate practical climate action.
  • Carbon Neutral are the first Australian provider to be Gold Standard qualified and have planted over 22 million trees so far, with a focus on preserving and rehabilitating Australian forests and biodiversity corridors.

Remember, however, offsetting is only ever a partial solution, as projects can take years to take effect. For more information, read our full guide to carbon offsetting - or if you’re planning something big and want our support, get in contact.