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Attention All Artists - Join our Plastic Free July Push

Plastic Free July’s fast approaching and we need your help to make it huge. Can you join our #BYObottle campaign and help eliminate harmful disposable plastic water bottles from the music scene?

With marine plastic debris set to outnumber fish in our oceans by 2050, and trillions of tiny plastic particles entering our food chain and water supply, the unnecessary use of plastic issue needs urgent attention.

So far, with the support of over 80 artist ambassadors from around the country, we’ve helped 20+ festivals refuse single-use plastic cups and bottles, including WOMADelaide, Party in the Paddock, Woodford, National Folk Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Earth Frequency, Strawberry Fields, Gaytimes, The Plot and many more.

Now two of Australia’s biggest youth music festivals are on the verge of taking action. If we can get them over the line, we could help prevent hundreds of thousands more single use plastic bottles and cups from being sent to landfill. What’s stopping the festivals from ditching disposables? They’re worried they’ll get backlash from performers! We need you to help us show them that artists don’t need single use water bottles backstage, because you have your own #BYOBottle.

Ready to join our Plastic Free July push? All you need to do is:

  • Take a selfie wherever you are with your reusable bottle. See some great examples below;
  • Email it to us with a quote, and we’ll share it on socials in Plastic Free July;
  • Start changing your rider requests to demand no single use water bottles, and ask to have refill stations backstage. You can copy and paste this:

We travel with our own reusable water bottles, in order to cut down on the unnecessary waste and environmental damage caused by disposable bottles. Please ensure that jugs or refilling stations with cold and room temperature water are made available for us to use. We encourage you to consider phasing out disposable water bottles across your business and providing free water refilling stations to punters, staff and artists. Green Music Australia is happy to help: [email protected]

Wanna know more? Read our #BYObottle campaign pdf and visit

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