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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been caring for Country and the environment for over 60,000 years in Australia. We need to ensure their voices are listened to and amplified in our fight for the living planet.

  • Deal directly with the First Nations landowners of the Country you're on. For events and festivals, employ a First Nations person to make a Welcome to Country at the start of your event. This is a way of standing in solidarity with and supporting First Nations people by respecting and acknowledging their ongoing resilience and strength as traditional custodians. If you can't do this, make a personal Acknowledgement to Country. 
  • Raise First Nations work and voices through your online platforms. Put First Nations people on your stages, in your events, and on your team of organisers.
  • Pay the Rent by donating a portion of ticketing profits to a body led by First Nations Elders. Use this guide to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander charities, the links in Shannan Dodson’s article, or the #paytherent links in the anti-racism resources to choose a group that’s genuinely controlled by the community, without government interference. 
  • Get cultural awareness training for your team, such as Black Card
  • Educate yourself: Learn about the history of this continent and about how to be a good ally

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