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Climate Change Talking Points


Bush fires are raging; and we are enraged.
We can channel that energy into positive action.
Want to talk to your fans about the climate emergency?
Australia needs to understand the link between climate change and the severity of these fires.
Together, we have the ability to create positive change.


Here’s some suggested talking points...

  • Climate Change means our fires are burning bigger and for longer 
  • ”Indigeneity needs to be central to the next steps in this conversation. It has not been one of the broader topics at hand at the moment of the ‘Australian’ consciousness. News have spent more time reporting on losses of Wealthy Resorts/ Tourist business, Exotic animal farms and anything but Indigenous stories. What a deep shame that truly is.”; From Neil Morris, full story here.
  • What have these fires meant to for the Australian music scene?
    • Falls Festival Lorne Cancelled
    • Cobargo Folk Festival Cancelled
    • Artists are cancelling shows (Cold Chisel / Cigany Weaver + more)
    • Artists are evacuating their homes (Fanny Lumsden / Jack River/Melanie Horsnell / Heath Cullen + more
  • Our Prime Minister refused to meet with Fire Chiefs  ahead of the fire season to heed the warnings.
  • As a country, we are still subsidising the fossil fuel industry and STILL allowing international and Australian companies to begin work on new coal mines (Adani et all); Join the dots:  burning of coal creates carbon emissions > worsening climate change > worsening bush fires.
  • Scott Morrison took coal into parliament for goodness sake!
  • Australia is the worlds second-largest exporter of coal.
  • $4.4 billion federally will be spent to assist Adani, $2 billion has been promised for fire relief.
  • Exxon (one of the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies) knew about climate change before it became a public issue and actively marketed to raise doubts about climate change. 4 min vid here.
  • Our government's lack of climate change policy and actively saying it's not Australia's problem to fix it.


Call to action, anger is useless unless it’s channelled into something good! Suggest your fans…

  • Get activated, there's never been a more important time to protest or volunteer: Join your local group! Keeping the protest story active is VITAL while others work to create solutions
  • Make simple changes in your own life and lead by example
  • When voting, it's imperative to find out the party's policies for our environment (QLD election this year)
  • Talk to everyone you know about the catastrophe and its link to climate change. Great conversation document here.
  • Donate


Want to do more?

  • Sign up to our Climate Declaration here
  • Invite your local environment group to host a stall at your show, if you're not sure who, get in touch!
  • Choose a venue that is easily accessible by public transport
  • Make sure you demand no single use plastics in your rider, sign up to our #BYOBottle campaign here


Now go forth, stay positive, and be a climate leader!