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Cleaner Festival Campsites Intro

Our official partners, Byron Shire Council, Mullum Cares and Strawberry Fields music festival have been working alongside us to determine the priorities for the project; providing on-the-ground insight on the workings of a camping music festival, as well as sharing past successes and challenges.

This IT research project aligns well with the Green Music Australia led campaign Party with the Planet which brings together Australia’s lead camping festivals to work through environmental challenges together. We have lent on the expertise of these campaign partners (Strawberry Fields, Unify Gathering, Splendour in The Grass, Falls Festival, Unified Music Gathering and more) together with over 8 interviews with festival staff, 10 interviews with festival goers, and a camper survey with 473 responses. 

Despite a freakish year for festivals, we have been thrilled with the enthusiasm from festivals, service providers and music lovers to participate in this research to help bring about positive environmental change - to “build back better.” Alongside a huge list of solutions to help combat festival campsite waste (that we will be sharing down the track), we collectively came to the decision that the best place for us to place our energy and IT know-how was in a camping planning tool for festival goers.

Working with Sarah Bock from ELearn Australia, volunteer Graphic Designer Kurt Melvin (and drummer for legendary band Nice Biscuit) and illustrator Steph Hughes we are in the end stages of producing a web-based app “Party with the Planet: Camping Made Awesome”.  We are getting excited to do our first test run at Strawberry Fields 2021, pending Covid restrictions.


A snapshot of Party with the Planet: Camping Made Awesome, a web-based app:

  • Users create lists of what to take to their allocated festival
  • Users can create groups with their camping friends, allocate items to their friends, and create personal lists too
  • The App will give tips on how to camp more “green”, giving users a “green score” based on their chosen camping gear and how they came by it
  • There will be tips on fixing tents, how to borrow / hire / buy better
  • The app aligns with weather forecasts to give weather warnings and tips suited to the weather conditions
  • There will be elements to assist users to connect to Country, in hope that this will help them become a more mindful camper

If you’d like to be involved in testing phases, or for more information, contact [email protected]