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In partnership with iSystain, Green Music Australia has launched AMIDESI - Australian Music Industry Database of Environmental and Social Impact - A sector-wide platform used to collate environmental and social impact data for the Australian Music Industry.


AMIDESI will promote transparency, and enable the sector to gain knowledge of its historical and current environmental and social impact, understand key trends and challenges and identify improvement pathways. Green Music Australia’s aim is to unite the industry around shared goals and help our sector set ambitious targets in line with global climate change commitments.

AMIDESI will have the ability to:

  • Collate quantitative data for measuring environmental impact (e.g. electricity use, kWh and waste tonnage)
  • Identify metrics (e.g. reduction in electricity use %) and apply calculations to make the data useful for decision-making and / or compliance
  • Establish baselines (e.g. metrics from a particular year) and set targets against which to demonstrate impact and value
  • Visualise the data using dashboards and performance monitoring tools to identify trends (e.g., decreasing carbon emissions) or potential issues (e.g. sudden spike in landfill waste)