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Opinion: Music as a gateway drug to activism

Green Music article at ABC Environment.

Getting involved in the “alternative music scene” can lead to a life of radical eco-activism! So says the Radicalisation Awareness Kit for school teachers launched last week by the Federal Government.

The fictitious case study of ‘Karen’, who apparently goes from seeing bands at the Uni Bar to sabotaging logging equipment in three easy steps, has been rightly panned by environmentalists and teachers alike. Its inclusion in the section on “violent extremism” is particularly offensive to Australian environmentalists, whose commitment to non-violence is deep and abiding.

Unlike the government, I believe it’s those who are destroying our magnificent natural world in the name of profit who are the dangerous radicals, not the people putting themselves on the line to protect it.

But, like the government, I do see a powerful role for music in inspiring, supporting and mobilising activism for social change.

Read the full article by Green Music Australia’s CEO Tim Hollo at ABC Environment here.

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