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Green Music Australia partners with Laneway Festival

A partnership to green up the Laneway Festival!

Laneway 2015

Laneway Festival is starting a multi-year partnership with Green Music Australia.


We are incredibly excited to announce that Green Music Australia is commencing a partnership to work with the Laneway Festival. Over a number of years, we will advise and organise to make this fabulous festival a leader in sustainability, bringing artists, contractors and punters on a journey to show how we can care for the planet and make an even better festival experience for everyone.

A multi-year commitment

The Laneway Festival recognises that deep change will take time, but they’re starting straight away with some great projects in 2015

Over time, we will be looking to run some big programs at Laneway’s sites across Australia – programs such as on-site container deposit recycling schemes; stages powered by sun, wind and dancing fans; multi-use cups; reducing transport emissions and more.

With the 2015 festivals just around the corner, we are delighted that we’ve been able to help with a few great projects straight away.

  • All five of the Australian sites will have bicycle parking at the entrance, with the Sydney site having a fully staffed cycle valet service. This option is being promoted to ticket-holders through email and social media.
  • Non-riding punters in all cities are being encouraged to catch public transport. In Fremantle, Laneway is providing FREE public transport with the ticket, and they have organised a bus system and extra train services in Adelaide!
  • Festival sponsor, RDIO, which last year handed out free single use disposable water bottles to punters is this year instead providing H20 stations in Sydney and Melbourne, and will be handing out a small number of reusable plastic bottles. In addition, punters are being encouraged by email and social media to bring their own reusable water bottles to refill on site.
  • Most, although not yet all, stage lights around the festival sites will be LED.
  • Laneway is working with Live Performance Australia’s Greener Live Performance project to use the Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS) to measure their environmental impact this year, and help us together find the best next steps to take to reduce it.

We’re very proud of what we’ve helped Laneway achieve already, and hugely looking forward to working with them over the coming years!

You can read the Laneway Festival letter of commitment here.

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