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Calling all small to medium sized Victorian music businesses!

Do you know what impact your operations are having on our precious planet? If not, would you like to find out, and help us help you drive impactful and positive change in your organisation and beyond?

Green Music Australia is proud to announce its inaugural business sustainability initiative – the Green Action Program (GAP). Six Victorian based music businesses will participate in the first 13-week in-person and online program in February 2022. Join Unified Music Group and Velodrome Events on this exciting sustainability journey.

The program modules will include, but are not limited to:

  • The state of the planet - why we must all act now
  • Blak is Green - Why platforming First Nations voices matters to sustainability
  • Organisational data collection, benchmarking and analysis
  • Business Impact Review - Uncover impact findings and explore global solutions
  • Sustainability in business - Case study review, problem analysis and solution co-design
  • Onsite Live Energy Audit
  • Setting Targets - the role of data in identifying and meeting sustainability goals
  • Policy and Procedure development