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The Green Action Program (GAP) supports music businesses to participate in the 7-week sustainability program and undertake a range of hands-on learning modules including: 

  • First Nations First - why platforming First Nations voices matters to sustainability 
  • Policy and procedure development - how to embed climate action into organisational structures 
  • Single use plastics - the bans and the solutions
  • Measuring impact - capturing and using data to set goals and identify and meet sustainability objectives
  • Energy 101 - A walk-through onsite energy audit at a live music venue
  • Creating tailored environmental and social impact reports 
  • National and international case studies of best practise

Watch highlights from the 2023 NSW program:


Participant Outcomes:

  • An organisation Sustainability Action Plan created with input from your broader team
  • Policies & procedures that feed into your Sustainability Action Plan
  • An understanding of what your data means
  • Reports to show your progress
  • Continuation of data and reporting, 3 years post-program


Watch ABC Music's GAP journey:


Watch Electronic Music Conference's GAP journey:


See highlights from the 2022 VIC program: