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When we think of transport emissions in the music scene, most people focus on artists flying around on tour. But in fact the biggest environmental impact is from audience travel, going to and from gigs by car. UK charity Julies Bicycles estimates that fan travel emissions can outweigh festival emissions (lighting, freight, generators, etc) by more than 10:1. Here’s what to do:

  • Make sure you have up to date public transport information on your website and social media, and provided to punters at point of ticket sale.
  • Promote ride-share options through the website and ticket sale. Web-based services such as Ridevu allow people to register where they are going to and from and when and offer or ask for a lift.
  • If public transport isn’t an option, make sure to provide a shuttle bus, or a similar service, for artists and crew to get to and from the event.
  • Where possible, limit car parking spaces and price them high enough to encourage people to carpool or take alternatives.
  • Provide incentives to punters to travel by bike or public transport encourage use, eg. offer a small discount on the next ticket or a free merch item, or  combine event and public transport tickets. 
  • An important option, particularly for inner city venues, is making safe cycling infrastructure, such as enclosed bicycle racks, available. Make sure to promote it on your website and social media, and at point of ticket sale.


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