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Green Music Australia launches the Green Action Program (GAP)

MEDIA RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Green Music Australia, in partnership with Australia Council for the Arts, launches an 11-week bootcamp for music businesses, the Green Action Program (GAP)

CONTACT : Emma Bosworth - [email protected] / 0477 454 540

In partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts, iSystain and Yarra City Council, Green Music Australia is offering an 11-week tailored training program to help Victorian music businesses understand, monitor and improve their environmental performance and climate ambition. The pilot Green Action Program (GAP) will be delivered In-person and online by environmental experts and underpinned by a new sector wide IT platform Amidesi - Australian Music Industry Database of Social and Environmental Impact. Confirmed participants include UNIFIED Music Group, Velodrome Events and Music Victoria. 


“We all know the music industry cares deeply about climate change and the preservation of the earth’s fragile ecosystems. We also know the sector has an oversized environmental footprint. What’s needed now are programs and tools to help us measure our impact, so we can collectively set targets and commit to ambitious action. GAP is the first program of its kind, offering businesses the training and support needed to get their house in order and become national leaders on sustainability.” Emma Bosworth, Partnerships Manager, Green Music Australia


“We are pleased to support this important initiative that will assist the music sector to navigate and manage environmental impacts.” Kirsty Rivers, Head of Music, Australia Council for the Arts


"UNIFIED Music Group is excited to be undertaking the GAP program. We need to better understand the environmental impact we make as a company and as an industry – and ultimately find ways to make a difference long term. We believe all businesses in the music industry have the power to operate much more sustainably and create real impactful change." Matthew Rogers, Chief Operating Officer


The Amidesi platforma customisable cloud based database – will enable GMA to capture quantitative and qualitative data from participating organisations to help map their carbon emissions, waste management systems, social impact information and more. A baseline report prior to commencement of the program will be provided to participants and annual reports each year for three years post program will be delivered to help track their progress according to the goals made through GAP.

“Climate change is a global problem requiring awareness and action across all sectors and communities. Green Music Australia is working with the Australian music industry to develop awareness of its environmental impact in order to set targets for collective action to reduce its impact. My Co-Founder Don Smy and I, are excited to share our technology in support of this purpose.  Amidesi will provide integrity to the process required to capture and calculate the data needed to inform the industry’s climate action. Once baselines are established, the system will provide tools to visualise and measure progress against targets based on transparent and evidence-based outcomes” says Jenni Mulligan, Director and Founder of iSystain.


The fee to participate is heavily discounted thanks to the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, Yarra City Council, Green Music Australia and our facilitators.  


We are now accepting expressions of interest from organisations throughout Victoria who would like to participate. Please email [email protected] for more information on how to register.


Click here to download our Green Action Program media release, logos, promotional images and social media material.


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