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Climate Fridays

Climate Fridays Season 2 is here! Hosted by Triple J Roots ‘N All presenter Nkechi Anele, featuring live performances by Allday, Barkaa, Cub Sport, Gretta Ray, Jen Cloher & more.
Join our weekly livestreams for awesome artist performances and environmental panel discussions with artists, First Nations guests and young climate activists. Created by Green Music Australia & School Strike 4 Climate, we're supporting the anti-fracking campaigns of First People’s led organisations, Original Power and SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network, as well as anti coal mining, coal seam gas and fracking organisation, Lock the Gate.
Don't miss it every Friday, 6pm AEST on Facebook Live 🌿💚 -

The campaign, which had a successful Season 1, is designed to help keep the environment movement active during the coronavirus lockdown, stop fossil fuel expansion, raise much needed funds for campaign organisations and musicians, and strengthen the growing solidarity between the music scene and the movement. 
Read more about the movements we're supporting here:

Calling all young songwriters...

Are you a school-aged songwriter? School Strike For Climate and Green Music Australia invite you to submit your best original song about climate justice or the environment, for your chance to perform your song in a Climate Fridays Season 2 showcase and win $1,000 in prize money! Read more and enter the competition here. Submissions close Sunday 16th August at 11:59pm.

This initiative is proudly funded and supported by The Music Trust.


Climate Fridays Season 1

Season 1 of Climate Fridays was a huge success - check out the 6 performers below! First Nations guests included Neil Morris (DRMNGNOW), Delta Kay, Nickolla Clark and Warren Mason. The shows were facilitated by an amazing bunch of student strikers from across Australia. All live stream recordings are available to view on the SS4C Facebook page and you can view our Climate Fridays Season 1 Recap video below. Funds raised from the 6 week campaign were split 50/50 between Support Act and the Climate Fridays campaign.




The Covid-19 pandemic is a Planetary wakeup call from the Earth to humanity. It reminds us that we are one with the Earth, not separate from it, that we are not her masters, owners and conquerors, nor that we are superior to other species, as the anthropocentric dogma would have us believe. 

The pandemic is reminding us that we violate the rights of the Earth and all her species at our own peril. And it would be necessary to value and learn from the ancestral knowledge, cosmo-vision and wisdom of the original peoples, guardians of the Earth down the ages, whose deep respect for the Earth is based on the awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. Harming one part means harming the whole. 

This pandemic is not a “natural disaster”, just as the crisis of species extinction and climate extremes are not “natural disasters”. Emergent disease epidemics are anthropogenic - caused by human activities 

Science informs us that as we invade forest ecosystems, destroy the homes of species and manipulate plants and animals for profits, we create conditions for new disease epidemics. Over the past 50 years, up to 300 new pathogens have emerged. It is well documented that around 70 percent of the human pathogens, including HIV, Ebola, Influenza, MERS and SARS emerged when the forest ecosystems are invaded, and viruses jumped from animals to humans.

Earth Day Communique