Two weeks left for tax deductible donations to Green Music Australia

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You can donate to Green Music Australia via Creative Partnerships Australia

Green Music Australia needs your help

Green Music Australia is a small, fledgling organisation. We’ve got energy, passion, drive and ideas. But if we’re to make this work, we really need your support.

Please consider financially supporting us.

As a supporter of Green Music Australia, you appreciate how important what we’re doing is. You get that, if we can help refit venues across Australia with LED stage lights and rooftop solar, if we can build a powerful group of musicians divesting from fossil fuels, and if we can phase out single use plastic water bottles, we’ll have an impact far greater than our actions.

Musicians really can lead the way to a greener world, and you are already part of that.

But did you know that everything Green Music Australia is doing – the partnership with the Laneway Festival and work with the Bakehouse studios and Australian Chamber Orchestra, the materials development, and the campaigns we are already running – are being done voluntarily?

There’s only so much we can do as a tiny group of part time volunteers. If we really want to help the music scene to help the planet, we need your help to employ staff.

Tax deductible donations via Creative Partnerships Australia

We’ve been registered by Creative Partnerships Australia as part of their Australia Cultural Fund, enabling tax deductible donations.

However, this agreement expires at the end of the financial year, on June 30 – in just two weeks.

There are two weeks left to give a tax deductible donation to Green Music Australia and help us to help the music scene to help the planet.

Please do so here.


Since this post, we’re excited to say that Green Music Australia has now been entered into the Register of Environmental Organisations, making us officially able to accept tax deductible donations. Any single or monthly donations are now tax deductible. Please consider helping us to help the music scene help the planet.