Missy Higgins

I’ve come to realise over the years that people in my position (entertainers) have a great opportunity to be role models, to lead by example. But as an environmentally conscious person I’ve always struggled with the impactful nature of my travel-heavy career and how that makes it hard to talk to my fans about this issue: climate change. I know I’m not alone is my longing for a way to keep doing what I’m doing without making such an environmental impact, as well as a way to engage with my fans about it without feeling like a hypocrite!

I believe an organisation like Green Music Australia could potentially make a huge impact on the environmental-consciousness of our country. And now more than ever it’s outside-of-the-box thinking like this that we desperately need more of: a way to engage society about this urgent issue in a way that no politician has been able to. I’m very happy to support Green Music and will certainly encourage others to do the same.