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Help fund our Refill not Landfill Library

Green Music Australia is raising funds to create a Refill Not Landfill Library to help Aussie festivals make the switch away from single-use products. Please help us reach our goal of $3000 by the end of the month.

Millions of disposable plastic bottles and cups are thrown out each year at music events around the country. While some of it gets recycled, lots ends up in landfill, or worse still, our rivers and oceans.

But with your help, we're going to create a library of high quality reusable green-wares for festivals and events to use – making their transition away from disposable stuff a no brainer. 

Instead of the mountains of plastic rubbish we see today, our festival future will be pristine. The impact this'll have, both in terms of the rubbish saved from each event, and the cultural change that’ll occur from musicians and fans learning to live without throw-away stuff, will be huge. 

Excitingly, for a short time, every dollar you give will be matched by Jack Johnson’s foundation - the Johnson Ohana Foundation - doubling your impact! 

Jack's leadership in greening the music scene is legendary, and we are stoked to team up with him as an All At Once Non-Profit Partner for his upcoming Australian tour. To learn more about Jack's wonderful work visit

$3,000 GOAL

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