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BYO Bottle Festivals and Venues

Australian festivals and live music venues are leading the way to a greener music scene free from disposable plastics. These festivals and venues have jumped on board our BYO Bottle campaign and reduced or eliminated single use plastic waste.

BYO Bottle!

Green Music Australia is working with festivals and live music venues to implement sustainable waste solutions and cut unnecessary and environmentally destructive disposable plastic water bottles. 

Find out more about our campaign here.

We’re already having a big impact, and can’t wait to scale things up, but need your help. Are you ready to go disposable plastic bottle free?

Becoming a BYO Bottle Festival or Venue

With all the help you need from our team, you can cut plastic waste from your festival or venue and go #BYObottle.

Some of the ways we’re able to help out are by: 

  • Developing communications that tell punters, artists, crew and staff about the BYObottle initiative;
  • Sourcing reusable bottles to sell or loan to people who forget to BYO; 
  • Connecting you to innovative services like water refilling stations that track how much H2O’s been drunk, or reusable bottle and cup hire with onsite dishwashing;
  • Publicising your achievements to the press and through our website to spread the word;
  • And much more.

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Any questions? Green Music Australia is here to help. We’ve got experience, contacts, suppliers and more to help make your next festival a more sustainable event. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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