AMPED UP! Energy upgrade financing now available!

Energy upgrades – the savings are “Environ-Mental”!

Energy efficiency makes sense in every way – for your business, for performers and punters, and for the planet! It’s been a priority for us since we started to make energy upgrades as easy and affordable as possible for venues and studios.

Well, we’re excited to tell you that, after months of preparation, it’s now happening. Green Music Australia can now help venues and studios across Australia get government-backed financing for energy efficiency upgrades, and we’ve got the perfect partnership to make the whole process sing!

Following negotiations with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, we set up an arrangement with Eureka Energy Upgrade Finance to make offers available. On taking this idea to Live Performance Australia’s Greener Live Performances program, the idea has blossomed into an exciting new partnership – the Greener Live Performances Coalition, driven by Green Music Australia and Breakthrough Consulting’s Lisa Erhart.

With Lisa’s expert guidance, we can offer:

  • energy audits to help you work out the best investments to make;
  • assistance in developing the business case for the financing, gearing it to ensure you will always save more on your energy bills than you will pay back on the finance, meaning you’ll start saving immediately;
  • support through the process and beyond, to help you make the most of the investment; and
  • promotion through our networks and beyond, to build on your leadership to create a movement for change across the music scene.

We’re in discussions already with the first few venues and studios, and we’re looking for others to take part.

If you’re anything like as AMPED UP as we are about this, click here for more information and how to get involved!