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BYO Bottle Artist Ambassadors

Australian musicians are taking the lead in getting rid of unnecessary and destructive disposable plastic water bottles. These artists have adopted our Green Drinks Rider and become ambassadors for our BYO Bottle campaign.

BYO Bottle!

Green Music Australia is building a musicians’ movement against plastic pollution and we need you to join!

We’re working with artists, venues and festivals to phase out the use of unnecessary and environmentally destructive disposable plastic water bottles. Find out more about our campaign here.

Artist Ambassadors

You can become an Artist Ambassador for BYO Bottle by adopting our green drinks rider. It tells venues and festivals that you do not want disposable bottles provided as part of your drinks rider, but you do want jugs, taps or refilling stations made available. By doing that, you not only avoid using them yourself, but you also draw the issue to the attention of the venues and festivals you play at, getting them thinking about alternatives and hopefully encouraging them to take broader action.

Simply cut and paste the text in the right hand column of this page and start using it straight away. Let us know that you’ve done so, and we’ll include your picture and quote on this page.

If you want to go further, you can make reusable bottles part of your mechandise, and promote them with a strong environmental message, like Ash Grunwald has done with his gorgeous bottle. Green Music Australia can advise you and help you with sourcing.


Paul Kelly BYO Bottle

Missy Higgins BYOBottle

“We won’t play ’til the plastic goes away. If we all live by this, venues and festivals will catch on pretty soon. Who knows how far it can go from there” The Teskey Brothers
“I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle and I’m so happy to see so many venues and festivals getting rid of the plastic. Let’s keep it up and make Australian live music 100% plastic water bottle free!” Liz Stringer
“Re-usable drink containers make for a healthier future for our planet. I’m proud to support the #BYOBottle campaign”, Brad Butcher
“Join me in celebrating a Plastic Free July by refusing single-use plastic. Let’s keep our oceans clean.” Jack Johnson
“I use my re-usable water bottle everywhere I go. Not only is it better for the planet and my health… it makes life easier and is super convenient. I love my sexy re-usable water bottle!” Sahara Beck
“We decided that ditch single use plastic water bottles and coffee cups about two years ago – we travel constantly and the amount of waste that you can create if you’re not being mindful is staggering. Our travel kit isn’t plastic free, but is what works best for us and consists of two Keep Cups – particularly useful on long flights to save using dozens of small disposable plastic cups – plus one water bottle with a built in filter so we can confidently drink the tap water anywhere, and one folding water flask that is super handy to take everywhere.
It’s certainly worth a little bit of effort to do whatever we can to minimise single use plastic use.” Hussy Hicks
“A puppy is for Xmas, but plastic is FOREVER! BYO water bottle” The Bombay Royale

“Single use plastic is a culture we just gotta curb, in the music scene and everywhere else. We’re touring this month & endeavouring to keep plastic OUT of our music making” Moreton
“It’s time for us to go Plastic Free. #BYOBottle”
Birds of Tokyo
Al Parkinson joins Green Music Australia's #BYO bottle campaign
“HOW GREAT IS EARTH!? LET’S KEEP IT GREAT. It’s so easy to be plastic free!” Al Parkinson
Luca Brasi join Green Music Australia's BYO Bottle campaign
“Plastic bottles are shit. They’re just too easy when you’re on tour. Please say no to them, carry a drink bottle with you! We’re lucky enough to have plentiful clean water out of taps in this country, which means there’s no excuse for adding more single use plastic waste to our environment” Luca Brasi
Aine Tyrrell joins Green Music Australia for their BYO Bottle campaign
“On behalf of my band and the earth please don’t put single use plastic bottles or cups in our backstages. We love the shit out of our #BYOBottles and they love the shit out being on stage with us!” Áine Tyrrell
Madeline Leman joins Green Music Australia for it's #BYO bottle campaign
“I’m proud to have my reusable drink bottle on stage with me! Single use plastic bottles must go.” Madeline Leman
Out of Abingdon join Green Music Australia for their #BYOBottle campaign
‘A water vessel is an essential item for a human to carry! We love them, value them and have several favourites we use over & over & over at every gig & wherever we go!’
Out of Abingdon
The Cutaways join Green Music Australia for their #BYO Bottle campaign
“The Cutaways passionately support Plastic Free July! There are lots of progressive thinkers in the music industry, but there are still plenty of single use plastics being used at shows and practice rooms every night across the country.. We converted to reusable water bottles some time ago, it cuts down our reliance on plastic, and using water that comes out the tap saves us heaps of money too!” The Cutaways
Stav joins Green Music Australia's BYO Bottle campaign
“I always bring my own bottle. Drinking water should be free and accessible for everyone. Yes, yes, yes! Let’s work together to make Australian festivals plastic-bottle free!” STAV.

Ash Grunwald BYO Bottle

Katie Noonan

Midnight Oil

Ella Hooper / Killing Heidi

Bernard Fanning

David Bridie BYO Bottle

Reg Mombassa


Ben Lee

Mia Dyson

The String Contingent

Phia and Georgia Fields

Brendan Gallagher

Tin Pan Orange
Tin Pan Orange

Michael Kieran Harvey

Holly Throsby
Holly Throsby
Vince Jones: "The plastic bottle plague is becoming an ecological nightmare. #BYOBottle!"
Vince Jones: “The plastic bottle plague is becoming an ecological nightmare. #BYOBottle!”

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kim Churchill

Ball Park Music

James Eccles BYOBottle

Monique diMattina


Jessica Holt

Bobby Alu

The Lyrical

The BordererS

The Timbers

FourPlay say: "Plastic pollution sucks. We suck from our own bottles."
FourPlay say: “Plastic pollution sucks. We suck from our own bottles.”

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